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China Lake Maine China Maine
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Region: Midcoast Maine
Price: $495,000
Price Firm
Property ID: 1347


Type: Maine Vacation Home
Bed Rooms: 6
Lot Size: 2 Acres
Fireplaces: Largest Capacity Rinnai Heaters (Propane)
Views: Maine Lake Views
Waterfront: Fresh Water
Contact: Gary Poulin
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China Maine Vacation Home For Sale

Property Overview
Entire Privately-Owned Peninsula/Point (Family Compound 2 Camps, Garage, Boat House, 800 Feet of Waterfront, 200 Foot Sandy Beach (China Lake, Maine)

Property Details
Private (gated) Lakeside Family Compound in central Maine (20 minutes off I-95 in Augusta). 2 Large 2 story (Seasonal) Camps (one is 1800 square feet, the other 1200 square feet), 2 bay oversize garage, boat house, 800 feet of prime waterfront (whole peninsula/point) on China Lake (14 miles long, clean water, in fact this Lake provides the drinking water for the city of Waterville, Maine), on 2 acres of flat/level land with some white birch trees. 100 foot sandy beach on the protected cove side of point, 2 docks. Each camp has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, oversize windows entire front of each camp, 270 degree view of Lake from both camps. Each camp is literally 10 feet from the water/lake. Comes Partly furnished. Largest capacity Rinnai Heaters in each camp. This is your chance to own that special summer getaway/retreat. You won't find a more private, large, affordable family lakeside compound in Maine. Don't miss this opportunity to own that lakeside property you've been dreaming of. If you enjoy seeing wildlife, there's Deer, wild Turkeys, red Fox, and a family of Mallard Ducks, and the famous Loons with their haunting calls that are quite friendly and frequent the surroundings. The lake is famous for stocked Brown Trout and Bass if you like to fish.
NOTE: Contact Gary Poulin (owner). Price is $495,000. The land alone on a Lakeside property this large is $350,000. That means both camps, the garage, boat house you are getting for only $145,000. Think about that for a minute. That is a steal. Please do your homework (scour the internet) and try finding a comparable 2 camp family compound on a Private Peninsula (they are Rare in the first place) and your easily looking at $600,000 to $700,000 or more. You know what any Lakeside Real-Estate goes for (a postage stamp sized lot, 100 feet of water-frontage with neighbors crowded in on both sides), so think about this price and exactly what you are getting compared to what you get for any real-estate, much less a large lakeside property. There is no comparison. You will NOT find a 2 Camp Family Compound on a Private Peninsula for $495,000 regardless of how long you look. The Price is Firm as it has ALREADY been lowered from the Comparative Pricing Real Estate Broker gave at $525,000.

FYI (Read Below)...This Property has ALL 5 Attributes

These top 5 attributes give Maine lakefront property its value:

Lakefront properties are made up of two parts: the building and the lot. While it's true that building materials and the cost of labor have been increasing the replacement cost of the house, it pales in comparison to the increase in the value of the lot over the same period. It's important for a buyer of lakefront property to understand what gives a lakefront lot its value. Everyone's heard of location, location, location.but what is it exactly about location that gives a lakefront property its value? Here are the 5 attributes that give a property's location its value, listed in priority order:

#1 Sandy Beach:
More members of your family can enjoy the water with a sandy beach. With a sandy beach, Mothers can see their children playing safely at the water's edge, and seniors can enter the water easily. If one can't have a sandy beach, sandy bottom frontage is the next best thing. Sandy beaches are rare, and that's what makes them so valuable and desirable.
NOTE: This Compound has a 200 foot Sandy Beach as described above.

# 2 View:
Having a nice wide water view is very important at all ages, but especially as one becomes older and less active. Many lakefront property owners feel that having the right view is even more important than having a sandy beach.
NOTE: This property affords 270 degree views of the water from both Camps.

#3 Level Lot:
The flatter the lot, the better-it's easier to get to the water and enjoy the surrounding area. Homes that are on steep grades are difficult for anybody to navigate.
NOTE: This property is entirely flat/level, all 2 acres, including waterfronts.

#4 Proximity to the water:
Years ago, homes and camps could be built close to the water. It gives you a better view. It allows you to watch the kids from the deck or the screened porch. It gives you the chance to be closer to wildlife, observing the loons, and ducks up close but not too personal. Closer is better. Since 1990, all homes must be built at least 100 feet from the water.
NOTE: These two Camps are literally 10 feet from the water/lake, see the pictures, and are "Grandfathered" meaning if one wanted to, codes allow for a 30 expansion of each camp (up, sides, back), or demo both camps, and one is allowed to add the footprint square footage and build a 3000 square foot huge Log Home for instance 10 feet from the water, "Grandfathered". Boathouse could be expanded same formula as a bunkhouse for kids etc....

#5 Privacy:
If you're coming to your Maine lakefront property from a congested metropolitan area, nothing quite beats the quiet serenity and privacy of a lakefront home. Sadly, not all lakefront properties offer the privacy you seek where there are neighbors within a few feet on either side of you, or a road with 24 hour traffic behind your camps. When looking at properties, be sure to check out the lake frontage area, which can express the amount of privacy. It's tough to have much privacy with only 50 feet of frontage. The typical lakefront lot is a half-acre in size with 100 feet of water frontage. 100 feet of frontage starts to give one the privacy one seeks. The more frontage, the more privacy.
NOTE: This family compound sits on a Privately-owned Peninsula/Point (see satellite photo of Point), and is entirely Private. There is 800 feet of owned waterfront along the entire length of the peninsula/point that is yours. No traffic/roads, no noise, peaceful and quiet.

If you give a maximum 10-point value to each of the 5 attributes described here, a perfect property would attain a score of 50. Very few properties that approach a score of 50. When looking at properties, evaluate the property on how it measures up to the 5 top lakeside attributes. Please note: Sometimes one of the attributes is so outstanding that the other attributes don't seem to matter. Go for it!!!! If you love a property, go with your gut and buy it!
NOTE: This family compound, according to the five top attributes for buying a lakeside property scores a perfect 50 because it has all of the 5 top attributes.

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