Common Questions

What does it cost to post a property?
Posting a property on verymaine is absolutely free! (Not to mention simple and easy to update.)

Do you accept advertising or paid listings?
Posting properties is free. But if you're looking for more exposure, we have several paid advertising options. Contact us to find out more. We love generating leads and are always available to provide an extra boost to your listing!

Who can post a property on verymaine?
Brokers, agents and owners are invited to post property listings for Maine vacation real estate. If you're a broker or agent, be sure to contact us to learn more about special benefits only available to pros.

If I post a property will I get lots of spam and junk from verymaine?
Absolutely not – although you can expect to get some leads from interested buyers! You'll also receive occasional, relevant emails from us to make sure you're getting all the benefits of verymaine. But we do respect your time and privacy.

What if my property is sold or goes under contract?
That's great news! You have several options. Feel free to add "UNDER CONTRACT" at the beginning of your property description. This alerts new and interested parties that someone else is close to buying the property – but still allows them to contact you to request an update. You can also check the box Hide This Listing in your account. It's right near the top of the page and will keep your listing from being seen. If something changes, simply uncheck the box and the property is back on the site!

What's the definition of a verymaine property?
Whether it's a camp in the woods, a Maine oceanfront cottage, a beach condo, a mountain-side ski house, a lakefront family compound, or even a piece of land to build on down the road, as long as it's a vacation-type property in Maine, it's a verymaine property. Another way to help figure that out is to ask yourself: Would someone from out of state rent this property for a weeklong vacation?

What if I post a property that is not a verymaine property?
Typically, site visitors will alert us that a property doesn't fit the verymaine description. And when that happens, we'll e-mail you to make sure the visitor wasn't missing a key feature. For example, a house on a street with no view, no lake, no river, or no ocean could still be a great vacation rental property if it were located five minutes from Sugarloaf Mountain.

If I want additional exposure for my listing, what options are there?
We love generating more leads for people. Contact us to find out more.

How many leads should I expect when I post a property?
Great question. Number of leads can vary as much as the properties on the site. Some people get lots while others don't. While verymaine helps get the word out and promotes the property to thousands of people, the interest is heavily dependent on the property, the price, and the location.