Common Questions Answered

General questions:

1. What is verymaine? brings sellers and buyers of Maine vacation real estate together. We're also a great place to view lots of beautiful Maine properties for sale and dream a little. Maine is a wonderful place!

2. Do you accept advertising or paid listings?

Posting properties is free. But if you're looking for more exposure, we have several paid advertising options. Contact us for information.

Questions about posting your property:

1. Who can post a property on

Brokers, agents and owners are invited to post property listings so long as it is for Maine vacation real estate.

2. How do I add my property

Fill out this very short form. You can add your photos and text of your Maine vacation property immediately. There is no limit on the quantity of listings you can add. The only requirement is that the properties are vacation-type properties.

3. My photos are not showing up. What am I doing wrong?

Here are step by step instructions for photo posting:

1) Log in to and click on "Create" listing if you do not yet have a property listed on Otherwise, click on "Modify" to edit your existing listing.

2) Fill in standard text information and continue to the image section at the bottom of the screen.

3) Click "Add or Upload File(s)." 

4) Locate your photos on your computer.

5) Click upload or open. (Note: Maximum file size for each photo is 2000k. We can help resize the image if you like - e-mail us at

6) Repeat the process until you have finished uploading images. You can rearrange the order of your images by dragging the up/down arrows to the left of the photo. The image that appears first is the image that is seen in the search results. Most people will choose their best photo for the this image. 

7) Repeat process for each property you would like to post.