Peaks Island, Maine

PEAKS ISLAND, Maine - Just off the coast of Portland, Peaks Island ME is a favorite vacation destination spot among folks from Southern New England. Encouraged by its proximity to Portland and a short drive from Boston, folks from away increase the island's population from about 1000 year-rounders to over 5,000 people for the summer season. And it's no wonder - summer on Peaks Island is charming, safe, and relaxing (after scrambling for the ferry, of course). Much of the Peaks Island real estate for sale has tripled or quadrupled in value during the past 10 years. Many of the authentic island summer cottages have been sold and re-modeled. If you like to look at real estate, a walk around the island is a fine way to spend an afternoon (Visit this link for walking info:

And while Peaks Island Maine is a ways off from returning to its glory days when it was known as the Coney Island of Maine in the late 1800's, the down front area is bustling with energy in July and August. 

And when on Peaks Island, be sure to visit the almost famous Umbrella Cover Museum

Umbrellas were once known only for their remarkable protection against stormy weather. However, with the opening of the Umbrella Cover Museum on Peaks Island, they are now able to take their rightful place in the world of art.

More than 700 umbrella sheathes from around the world are on display at the Umbrella Cover Museum, curated by Nancy 3. Hoffman. The collection includes an exhibit of artist-designed covers as well as umbrella sleeves from 17 countries, which range in size from a minute three inches to a grandiose six feet.

3 originally opened the museum in her home five years ago, with an early display of 40 umbrella covers decorating the walls of her kitchen. Since then her collection has seen a hurricane of expansion, prompting the relocation of the Umbrella Cover Museum to its new home on Island Avenue. The Umbrella Cover Museum on Island Avenue is open during summer weekends after Memorial Day. More information is here: